My name is Jordan and I am 24 years old. I started playing soccer when I was 7 years old and played until I was 19. When I was in the 4th grade, I started my period and puberty happened quickly. I went from wearing no bra to a 34 C. By the age of 12, I was wearing a 36 DDD cup. The most important concern for me as I began to play the sport that I loved competitively was keeping my chest supported. I would come home from practices and had to ice my chest because of how sore it was from running with improper support. To reduce these concerns, I began wearing the most supportive bras my family could afford for me. Eventually, I ended up wearing two sports bras at the same time over my regular bra (a total of 3 bras for support). I was a very frustrated soccer player and teenage girl, standing out from the rest of my teammates because of two body parts I had no say in choosing the size of. As I look back, I regret not having the opportunity to be supported properly while playing a sport, and would have cherished the chance to receive such a wonderful gift from Because She’s a Lady. Every girl, no matter her size or shape, deserves to feel supported while participating in a sport she loves. This organization is doing fantastic work to support young girls and I hope they continue igniting a flame that is so important for young girls who play sports or are physically active.

This is such an awesome organization.