The Start of our “Ladies in Training” Program

We have been in business as a board certified bra and mastectomy fitter for about 20 years.  As part of our service, we formed a non-profit group to serve uninsured women who could not afford their mastectomy needs.  We also offered that service to women with Poland Syndrome.
Our fitting services are offered to any woman who wants a proper fit and a supportive bra.
In 2014, Scott Yanak, a tennis coach at Mumford High School, was so disheartened by his young female tennis players that he called his mother in St. Clair, Pennsylvania.  He explained to his mother that his players did not want to participate in the sport because they did not have proper sports bras.  The young players were experiencing pain in their breasts as they played and were concerned with modesty issues.
His mother, Mrs. Becky Yanak, discussed the matter with her Praying Book Club.  One of the members, Mrs. Martha Groves, remembered how well she had been fitted for bras years prior, when she lived in Livonia, Michigan and instantly made the connection.
Kelly Freeman (my young cousin and business partner) and I happily agreed to lend our expertise as certified fitters to insure proper fittings of the sports bras and provided the bras at the best possible price.  Mrs. Yanak’s prayer club paid the bill.
It was at that point that we decided to include the service of providing the sports bras to young female athletics, in our non-profit efforts, feeling that we as a community should be able to take care of this matter for our children.  Wearing the garments  encourages a lifetime of healthy activity, addresses modesty issues and promotes breast health.

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